Client Library


The client library provides the micro-ROS API for the user code, i.e. for application-level micro-ROS nodes. The overall goal is to provide all relevant, major ROS 2 concepts in suitable implementation for microcontrollers. Where possible, API compatibility with ROS 2 shall be achieved for ease of portability.

In this undertaking, to minimize the long-term maintenance cost, we strive to use existing data structures and algorithms from the ROS 2 stack or to bring necessary changes in the mainline stack. In detail, this raises a lot of question regarding the applicability of existing ROS 2 layers on microcontrollers in terms of runtime efficiency, portability to different RTOS, dynamic memory management, and many more. These are explored and analyzed in a dedicated decision paper.

Advanced Concepts

Advanced concepts developed in the context of the client library are documented separately. These are: