micro-ROS temperature publisher demo release

Jun 3, 2019 jfm92

This demo shows a use case in which one micro-ROS client publishes temperature value from a sensor using a micro-ROS bridge as a gateway to ROS2. To run this demo, we will use an Olimex-STM32-E407 board with an HIH6130 temperature/humidity sensor and Raspberry Pi which works as a bridge. The Olimex board runs a micro-ROS client, in this client, we will bring-up a node and a topic, and it will publish the measured value of the sensor. At the same time, the Olimex board is connected by serial to a Raspberry Pi, which is running a micro-ROS agent. This micro-ROS agent will act as a gateway to the ROS2 world, publishing this topic and making it visible from any device which runs ROS2 in the same network.

The next video shows this demo running.

(This video doesn’t work on Chrome)

You can find all the details and how to reproduce in the next link: micro-ROS temperature publisher demo